The Family Reunion

The ability to travel far and wide today has not been so good for families, and many of them get together every few years to keep in touch with cousins, aunts, and uncles. They find that being able to spend quality time together as a group reinforced this connection, so planning the family reunion is an important job for the hosts. It is generally the one family group that remained in the place where they all grew up through the generations, and their duties are many. Booking a venue might not be necessary for smaller families, but providing food drinks is a necessity. Providing the fun comes from everyone attending.

Setting a Date

Getting members of the family together at the last minute is almost impossible, so planning a few years ahead on the date could be the best bet for the host to be able to get a large attendance. People today are very busy, and they tend to get booked up. Being able to host the family with a reasonable guest list means making sure everyone knows at least a year ahead when the reunion is being held. Reminding them often through social media, email, and text messages could also help ensure they will hold the date.

Securing the Venue

Many families have a house that has been handed down through the generations, but it might not be large enough for all the members of the family who will attend with their spouses and children. Securing the venue is important, so it should be one of the first considerations. For those lucky enough to have a large home, organizing the food and beverages will be their main goal as they look forward to the big day. They might have a traditional meal cooked by family members, or they could opt to have the event catered.

Entertaining the Crowd

Families often have their own traditions when it comes to entertaining each other, but there are times when providing additional options could be suitable. If one of the couples would like to renew their vows in front of the family, a wedding singer would be a good choice. Sash is available for this type of booking, but she is also great at entertaining the crowd for any event. She will have family members from all generations up on the dance floor and enjoying the event. Being able to host a large family gathering is about fun, so ensuring there is plenty to be had by everyone should be a goal.

The ease of modern travel has managed to separate families, but they can always get together for the family reunion. Some of them will want to have it annually, but others might only be able to attend every four or five years. Getting together is an excellent way to share family history, traditional food and entertainment, and it gives families an opportunity to really relax as they catch up on their lives. Providing entertainment might not be necessary, but looking at all available options could make the next family reunion the most memorable.